On July 19th, 2023, Dr. Ronke Komolafe, the Integrated Physical & Behavioral Health Alliance founder, hosted and moderated a powerful event titled “Addressing Burnout in Leaders”. The session focused on the rising issue of burnout among leaders in various industries, discussing its implications and potential solutions.

Dr. Elia Gourgouris, a renowned happiness and leadership consultant, discussed the psychology behind leadership burnout, addressing the effects of high-stress environments on mental health. Gourgouris emphasized the importance of mindfulness, positivity, and work-life balance in preserving leaders’ mental well-being. His insights into maintaining happiness and productivity in high-stakes roles were enlightening.

Mark Feinberg, a seasoned executive and business leader, brought to the table his lived experience with burnout and how he uses mindfulness and simple operational steps to keep burnout away.  He shared valuable strategies for leaders to maintain their resilience and performance, even in the face of overwhelming stress. Feinberg’s advice on maintaining self-care routines and setting healthy boundaries offered pragmatic solutions to leadership burnout.

Naama O. Pozniak, a meditation expert, provided useful tips for leaders on integrating mindfulness and self-care activities into their busy schedules. Pozniak also highlighted the importance of meditation and yoga to lower stress and prevent burnout.

Lastly, Constantine Stratakis, a medical doctor and researcher specializing in stress disorders, provided a medical perspective on leadership burnout. He discussed how chronic stress could lead to physical health complications over time, including cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders. Stratakis underscored the necessity of addressing burnout from a holistic health viewpoint.

Dr. Komolafe brilliantly tied together the discussions; she discussed her experience with burnout and how she recovered. Dr. Komolafe also emphasized the importance of an integrated approach to preventing and addressing burnout in leaders. She reiterated the value of incorporating physical wellness, mental health support, and leadership coaching to achieve optimal performance and prevent burnout.

The event successfully highlighted a critical issue in today’s high-pressure work environment. Participants gained valuable insights into understanding, managing, and preventing burnout. The event served as a reminder that even leaders, often viewed as indefatigable, can succumb to burnout and need support and tools to effectively manage their mental and physical health.


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