October 3rd – 6th, 2023
Leading Strategies for Integrating Care, AI and Data Analytics to Lower Cost

About Integrated Healthcare Symposium

In an effort to address the critical challenges currently facing the healthcare industry, this symposium aims to delve into the pivotal role of cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), digital health, integrated care, and data analytics. These technologies have the potential to transform healthcare systems by optimizing the delivery of care and improving outcomes for patients.
Designed to attract healthcare payers, health systems, providers, health tech executives, and policy makers, this event offers a unique opportunity to explore the practical applications of these emerging technologies and gain a comprehensive understanding of how they can be leveraged to achieve the objectives of the Quintuple Aim. This includes reducing costs, enhancing care quality, improving provider well-being, increasing patient satisfaction, and achieving health equity.

Drawing on the expertise of renowned thought leaders, this symposium will feature insightful discussions and presentations on the latest advances in healthcare technology, providing attendees with valuable knowledge and strategies to optimize their operations and improve patient outcomes. Furthermore, attendees will have the opportunity to network with a diverse group of healthcare professionals, including executives from leading health systems, academic institutions, and regulatory bodies, as well as innovative health tech startups.

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