Integrated Health Magazine

ABH Magazine uniquely publishes a digital and print magazine that inspires, motivates, and provides thought leadership, regulatory reviews, and health care information that directly impacts health care.

Thought Leader

ABH Magazine is a thought leader guide and informative magazine on integrated care from a regulatory, payer, provider, patient, and healthcare IT perspective.

Analyzing Trends

ABH Magazine sets the agenda and explores integrated health ideas and agendas by analyzing trends and creating a roadmap for the future.

Gives a Voice

ABH Magazine gives a voice for progressive integrated health ideas and innovation.


ABH Magazine educates clinicians, patients, payers, healthcare IT, regulatory agencies, and stakeholders on state and federal regulatory changes in health care, industry trends, and positive care outcomes.

National Level

ABH Magazine gives a unique voice to physical and behavioral integrated health care leaders on a national level.


ABH Magazine collaborates and highlights industry experts, innovators, and leaders in integrated health.

Topics We Cover

Comparison of Health care IT software

Integrated physical and Behavioral Health care

State and Federal Regulatory Analysis and Trends

Medical Device

Integrated Electronic Health Record System

Market Analysis and Trends of HealthCare Services

Health care IT

Artificial Intelligence

Health care Services

Program Developments and Models

Integrated Health Articles

Other Heath Care Articles

HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules and Assessment

Health care Grants