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The Advancing Integrated Health fosters the principles of
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At Advancing Integrated Health (AIH) we align and promote greater understanding of physical and behavioral health integration through a multi-dimensional perspective of payers, providers, patients, and health care technology. AIH drives health care change through, advocacy, innovative technology, thought leadership regulatory reviews of physical and behavioral health integration, evidence-based models, journals and innovative magazine.


Build a community where physical and behavioral health providers, patients, and healthcare technology leaders and payers can unite to align Integrated Health resources and advocacy.

Integrated Health Care Technology

AIH brings technology use-cases and solutions for medical devices, artificial intelligence, electronic health records, mobile solutions, and HIE.

Integrated Health Care Technology

This refers to the comprehensive gathering and analysis of data related to behavioral health, including mental health, substance use, and co-occurring disorders. This intelligence is used to develop resources, strategies, and policies to improve the behavioral health of individuals and communities. This includes using various research methods, predictive modeling, and advanced analytics to identify trends, risks, and opportunities in the field. Healthcare providers, public health organizations, policymakers, and other stakeholders use these resources to provide targeted interventions, strategies, and outcomes to advance behavioral health services and innovation.

Integrated Health Solutions

AIH has board members and executive advisors with several years combined experience in integrated health from a payer, provider, patient, regulatory and health care technology perspective. We bring diverse experience and solutions to integrating health care through using our five (5) dimension principles:








Health Care Technology




AIH provides evidence-based models of integrated health and thought leadership on multi- dimensional perspective through digital and paper publications.


Advancing Integrated Health Magazine (AIH Magazine) uniquely publishes a digital and print magazine that inspires, motivates, and provides thought leadership, regulatory reviews, and health care information that directly impacts health care.

Advancing Integrated Health News

The Advancing Integrated Health News page, serves as a central hub for the latest developments, research findings, and updates in the world of integrated health care. The page is dedicated to bridging the gap between physical and behavioral health by offering insights, best practices, and innovative solutions to professionals and patients alike. This platform ensures that stakeholders remain informed and equipped with the knowledge to drive holistic and comprehensive care in the health industry.