Boston, MA – April 21, 2023 – The highly anticipated Future of Mental Healthcare East Summit concluded on April 20th, 2023, after two days of engaging discussions, innovative presentations, and hands-on workshops. The event, held at the prestigious Boston Convention Center, brought together top industry leaders, researchers, and healthcare professionals, creating a platform for sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration in the mental healthcare sector.

The summit covered a wide range of topics, including the integration of technology, novel therapies, and innovative approaches in mental healthcare. Some of the notable speakers and their presentations included:

  1. Alex Stavros – “A Vision of Adolescent Mental Health and an Integrated Continuum of Care.”
  2. Jahmal Miller – “Addressing the Institutional Barriers to Access in the Mental Healthcare System.”
  3. Kelly Davis – “Expanding Access via Peer Support and Peer-to-Peer Models.”
  4. Nawal Roy – ” Clinical Informatics: State-of-Art Innovations in Behavioral Health Measures.”

In addition to these riveting presentations, the summit featured several panel discussions that encouraged active audience participation. Topics covered in these discussions included:

  1. “Creating a Patient-Centered, Integrated Continuum of Care from Prevention and Wellness to Crisis Intervention.”
  2. “How is 988 Helping to Reimagine the Way We Combat the Behavioral Healthcare Crisis?”
  3. “How Measurement-Based Care is Transforming Behavioral Health.”
  4. “Expanding Access via Peer Support and Peer-to-Peer Models.”
  5. “Aligning Incentives for Promoting Mental Health in the US.”
  6. “Improving Outcomes in Substance Use and Mental Healthcare.”

The event provided an excellent opportunity for professionals from diverse backgrounds to network and exchange ideas on how to revolutionize mental healthcare. The summit’s vibrant atmosphere laid the foundation for future partnerships and collaborations among attendees.

As an attendee of The Future of Mental Healthcare East Summit, I would like to extend gratitude to all the presenters, participants, and sponsors who made this event a phenomenal success. Plans are already underway for the next Future of Mental Health Summit West in San Francisco, and I look forward to continuing the conversation on shaping the future of mental healthcare. To register for The Future of Mental Healthcare West Summit, please visit our website at Secure your spot now and be part of an event that will shape the future of mental healthcare.

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Dr.Ronke Komolafe, DBH, MBA

Published by Dr. Ronke Komolafe, DBH,MBA

Dr. Ronke Komolafe, DBH, MBA is the Editor-in-Chief of Integrated Health Magazine and the CEO of Integrated Physical & Behavioral Health Alliance. She is the Chair of the Forbes Mental Health Group for Forbes Business Council and a Thought Leader with the Newsweek Expert Forum. Dr. Komolafe has an unwavering commitment to raising awareness and understanding of mental health issues, and she has made significant contributions to the field through hosting events, research, and advocacy. Dr. Komolafe lives in Texas with her family and is passionate about animal rights and scuba diving.