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Integrated Health Magazine

First issue out Fall 2021

IPBHA Magazine uniquely publishes a digital and print magazine that inspires, motivates, and provides thought leadership, regulatory reviews, and health care information that directly impacts health care.

  • IPBHA Magazine is a thought leader guide and informative magazine on integrated care from a regulatory, payer, provider, patient, and healthcare IT perspective.
  • IPBHA Magazine sets the agenda and explores integrated health ideas and agendas by analyzing trends and creating a roadmap for the future.
  • IPBHA Magazine gives a voice for progressive integrated health ideas and innovation.
  • IPBHA Magazine educates clinicians, patients, payers, healthcare IT, regulatory agencies, and stakeholders on state and federal regulatory changes in health care, industry trends, and positive care outcomes.
  • IPBHA Magazine gives a unique voice to physical and behavioral integrated health care leaders on a national level.
  • IPBHA Magazine collaborates and highlights industry experts, innovators, and leaders in integrated health.

Topics we cover

  • Comparison of Health care IT software
  • Integrated physical and Behavioral Health care
  • State and Federal Regulatory Analysis and Trends
  • Medical Device
  • Integrated Electronic Health Record System
  • Market Analysis and Trends of HealthCare Services
  • Health care IT
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Health care Services
  • Program Developments and Models
  • Integrated Health Articles
  • Other Heath Care Articles
  • HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules and Assessment
  • Health care Grants
  • Awards

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