The Integrated Physical & Behavioral Health Alliance (IPBHA) has officially announced its rebranding as Advancing Integrated Health. The change reflects the organization’s evolution as it continues to work towards creating better health outcomes for patients with mental health conditions.

Since its inception, Advancing Integrated Health has been dedicated to providing high-quality, integrated consulting services to health plans, health systems, mental health apps, EHR companies, and regulatory agencies. The organization understands that proper treatment for mental health requires a comprehensive approach that considers the physical and psychological aspects of the individual’s mental health.

Our mission and vision to integrate care and improve mental health outcomes remains unchanged. The rebranding, however, will allow Advancing Integrated Health to continue expanding its services and explore new opportunities to provide top-notch consulting services and event management.

Advancing Integrated Health’s multifaceted services effectively collaborate with primary care physicians, mental health specialists, and behavioral health professionals. Integrating these medical professionals allows us to offer holistic care that addresses the nexus of mental health care’s psychological, physiological, social, and emotional aspects.

We provide various services that cater to the patient’s unique requirements, including medication management, behavioral therapies, individual and group counseling services, telemedicine, and social support groups. With a focus on the patient’s well-being, we are determined to improve the lives of those struggling with mental health conditions.

Advancing Integrated Health serves many organizations, including health plans, health systems, healthcare technology, provider organizations, and regulatory agencies. As we begin this new chapter as Advancing Integrated Health, we remain committed to integrating care and improving mental health outcomes at a systemic level.  Our team of experts, with years of experience and knowledge, continues to deliver exceptional care to our clients and enhance the accessibility of our services.

Advancing Integrated Health is dedicated to providing accessible, innovative, and high-quality mental healthcare through our consulting and events. We are here if you are ready to take the first step toward achieving better mental health outcomes on a systemic level.


Advancing Integrated Health is a consulting and event management company in Phoenix, Arizona. Feel free to contact us at 844-933-4116.

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