The HIMSS Texas Regional Conference, held from May 17th to May 19th, 2023, at the beautiful Grapevine, TX 76051, was a truly magnificent event. Industry leaders, healthcare professionals, technology experts, and policy influencers all convened in this highly anticipated gathering, focusing on how digital innovation is shaping the future of healthcare.

Over the three days of the conference, there were engaging discussions, informative panel sessions, interactive workshops, and opportunities for networking. Central to the discussions were the role of artificial intelligence, telehealth, cybersecurity, and interoperability in the evolving landscape of healthcare.

Prominent speakers who presented at the conference included:

  1. Ken Leonczyk Jr. Vice President, Market Solutions Strategy Optum.
  2. Thomas Blackwell, Inspirational Speaker
  3. James Binford, BISO, Humana
  4. Roxie Mooney, CEO & Fractional Growth Officer, Legacy DNA
  5. Mike DeCastro, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Uber Health
  6. David Chou, CDO, Legacy Health
  7. Osama Al-Seleh, Health Equity Program Manager, Oracle
  8. Michelle Inman, Division Manager, Physician Support

Several panel discussions with Q &A were also conducted, allowing attendees to delve deeper into practical solutions for advancing digital health. The exhibitors showcased innovative healthcare technologies and solutions, highlighting the progression of healthcare information and management systems.

This event served as a critical platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration among the healthcare industry’s diverse stakeholders. Each presenter’s unique insights and perspectives contributed to a more nuanced understanding of the digital transformation in healthcare. The HIMSS Texas Regional Conference 2023 was not just a conference, it was a declaration of the promising future of health and healthcare.

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Author – Dr. Ronke Komolafe, DBH, MBA is the Editor-in-Chief of Integrated Health Magazine and the CEO of Integrated Physical & Behavioral Health Alliance. She is the Chair of the Forbes Mental Health Group for Forbes Business Council and a Thought Leader with the Newsweek Expert Forum. Dr. Komolafe has an unwavering commitment to raising awareness and understanding of mental health issues, and she has made significant contributions to the field through hosting events, research, and advocacy. Dr. Komolafe lives in Texas with her family and is passionate about animal rights and scuba diving.


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