YubiHealth, an Arizona-based wellness software Company announced it added a provider management tracking dashboard to its Empwr application. The app includes a daily, weekly, and monthly view of the patient’s activities such as sleep, medication, exercise, mood, and status. With patient consent, this application notifies clinicians about each patient’s daily, weekly, and monthly status in their care. It is available in the App Store and Play Store. Empwr is partnering with clinicians, provider organizations, health systems, and employers to bring proactive wellness augmented with artificial intelligence to the hands of individuals.

Dr. Komolafe, the CCO for Empwr, stated that Empwr allows patients and providers to proactively engage through a series of tasks and assessments providers assign to patients to keep them continuously involved in wellness and a healthy lifestyle said Dr. Komolafe, the Chief Clinical Officer of Yubihealth. . Dr. Komolafe, a physical and mental health expert, believes engaging patients with visibility to their healthcare wellness status will result in a win-win for payers, patients, and providers.

According to a June 2020 report by CDC, 40% of all U.S. adults suffer from mental health issues. As the community continues to experience post-pandemic trauma, more individuals are feeling isolated with mental health challenges.

By focusing on personalized health and prevention, the Empwr platform can reach a person at all stages of their health journey. The Empwr platform can identify root causes and make customized recommendations using biomarkers such as genomic, microbiome, behavioral, and physical health assessments. Yubihealth serves as wellness support for individuals using Artificial Intelligence to create individual engagement and participation in their care journey, said Rahul Goyal and Vivek Goel, Founders of Yubihealth

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With over 100+ years of hands-on experience in Health and Clinical Management consulting, our executive team is creating new paths of integrative healthy living for companies and their employees. Our mission is to make mental health care accessible, affordable, and comprehensive. Using AI, we are creating systems that eliminate stigma and work to prevent crises.

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