Build a community where physical, behavioral health providers, patients, and health care technology leaders and payers can unite to align integrated health resources and advocacy.

Integrated Health Care Technology

IPBHA brings technology use-cases and solutions for medical devices, artificial intelligence, electronic health record, mobile solutions, and HIE.

Integrated Health Solutions

IPBHA has board members and executive advisors with several years combined experience in integrated health from a payer, provider, patient, regulatory and health care technology perspective. We bring diverse experience and solutions to integrating health care through using our five (5) dimension principles

  • Patient
  • Provider
  • Payer
  • Regulatory
  • Health care technology


IPBHA provides evidence-based models of integrated health and thought leadership on multi-dimensional perspectives through digital and paper publications.


Integrated Physical & Behavioral Health Alliance Magazine (IPBHA Magazine) uniquely publishes a digital and print magazine that inspires, motivates, and provides thought leadership, regulatory reviews, and health care information that directly impacts health care.


Journal Publications

The Integrated Physical & Behavioral Health Alliance Research Journal examines the collaboration of physical and behavioral health service delivery, outcome, impact, and influences of multi-dimensional aspects of patients, payers, providers, government regulations, and health care technology through the empirical contribution of knowledge to the field of integrated health. The IPBHA Journal is a peer-review journal published quarterly by IPBHA. This journal includes book reviews, reports, research articles, guidelines, and peer review summaries.